For Dogs That Are Available You Can Also Visit Your Local Animal Shelter

You must supervise your Cane Corso puppy at all times when you bring it home. This is not only to prevent puppy accidents but also to watch for any unwanted behavior. You won’t notice any warning signs if you’re not alert. For example, if your Cane Corso puppy stares constantly at guests or stands guard at the door, you might need to intervene. Be firm when correcting undesirable behaviors, but avoid yelling or physically punishing your pet.

Cane Corso puppies must be socialized from the beginning of their development. It is important to introduce it to different places, such as parks and dog parks and spend time with other puppies. You will also need to teach your Cane corso puppy how you would like to conduct yourself in public. For starters, socializing your pup on a leash is the best however, you must also bring it to an animal kindergarten class to get a better grasp of how to interact with others.

Cane Corso dogs are energetic and are social. They are more active than other breeds and love to work. This makes them a great family pet however, it can be a challenge for owners with no pack direction. They are very affectionate with their owners but they need to be able and able to obey rules and boundaries to stay satisfied.

To stop your cane corso puppy from becoming aggressive or fearful, socialization should begin at a young age. It is essential not to pet your Cane Corso puppy excessively when it is scared or anxious and this can exacerbate the fear and make it more likely to act fearfully. To provide a mild stimulation to the ears, you can also play an audio radio. At the age of eight weeks you should begin training him. However, allow him to adjust to the world outside of his home.

A breeder that is recognized for their healthy puppies is a great option when you are looking for a Cane Corso puppy. They can assist you in finding the perfect puppy and also teach you about the temperament of the breed.

A group of Italian farmers revived the Cane Corso breed in the 1970s. In 1988 the first Cane Corsos were introduced to America. Although it took a while to get the breed recognized but it was eventually recognized as a legal dog in the United States. The Cane Corso was finally recognized by the American Kennel Club in 2010.

After you bring home your Cane Corso puppy You should visit an animal veterinarian to look for any health issues. A visit to the vet can help to prevent any issues from arising, including allergies. It is crucial to clean your Cane Corso’s hair regularly particularly during the summer and spring. It is important to brush the coat once every week since shedding is more evident during these seasons.

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