How to Lift a Sunken Sidewalk

Sunken sidewalks can be more than an eyesore. They can also pose a serious safety risk. People are likely to trip on uneven surfaces and could fall, resulting in injury or even death. It is important that sunken concrete is lifted as quickly as possible. There are a few different ways that this can be done, including using mud jacking or a self-leveling concrete compound. While these options may work for small areas, it is best to contact a concrete leveling contractor for larger repairs.

Concrete Leveling

The most effective way to lift a sunken sidewalk is with concrete leveling, also known as slabjacking. This simple procedure involves drilling into the concrete to inject a cement mix. The mixture fills the voids and creates pressure to lift the concrete back into its original position. This technique can be used on residential patios, driveways, pool decks and more. The results are quick, cost-effective and long-lasting.

This method is cheaper and faster than replacing an entire slab, whether you need your Sidewalk Repair  due to tree roots or shifting soil. Plus, the concrete leveling process can be performed without disrupting your daily life.

How to Fix a Sinking Sidewalk

It is easy to ignore an ill-maintained sidewalk. However, you should have it repaired immediately upon noticing the problem. This will not only save you from possible injuries, but will also protect the value of your property and prevent further damage caused by water erosion.

Most homeowners think that pouring new concrete over a sunken concrete surface will fix the problem. While this can help temporarily, it is not a permanent solution and will likely only lead to more problems in the future. Concrete leveling is a permanent solution to uneven concrete and it is incredibly affordable.

A-1 is an expert at raising sunken sidewalks and repairing uneven concrete slabs. We use a patented leveling compound made of limestone grout slurry that is more effective than traditional mud-jacking methods. A-1 uses crushed agricultural lime and water instead of a clay, water and sand mixture used in mudjacking. This mixture is pumped under the concrete at a controlled rate, allowing it to raise the sunken area with constant pressure.

For more information about concrete leveling, please visit our site. Call us to schedule a cost estimate on site! We are happy to offer free estimates in NY, NJ, or PA.

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