Paramount Underbody Steel Tool Boxes

A high-quality toolbox for utes creates convenient storage spaces that shield equipment and tools from theft or weather damage. Toolboxes made of ute can be constructed from stainless steel, aluminum or polymer with a heavy-duty finish.

It is crucial to have a strategy to organize your tools. Otherwise, a messy toolbox could take time and lead to managers ordering replacement tools that are not needed or workers getting injured.

Paramount Underbody Steel Tool Boxes

These truck tool boxes, designed for flatbed trucks, stake-bodies and dump-bodies are made of heavy duty 12 ga. powder-coated steel. They come with an automotive bulb seal, as well as built-in rain gutters to keep your tools clean and dry. They also come with a die-cast compression latch & stainless steel bolt-on hinges with a 1/4″ pin to ensure maximum security. They are more durable and durable than aluminium ute tools boxes, and are able to withstand the most demanding work environments.

These underbody truck toolboxes have half-opening doors that allow you to put them on either the left or right side of your tray. They come with two full length adjustable shelves and a centre divider which creates an area to store small parts and tools. They come with t-handles made from stainless steel and high-quality gas struts.

Our top-selling steel ute container. It’s ideal for storing small and large tools, including shovels, rakes, hammers & power drills. It also has multiple drawer options that are perfect for electricians, plumbers and carpenters.

Global Industrial Steel Under Tray Tool Boxes

The back of your truck will be neatly organized by a an excellent truck toolbox. It will also help you locate your equipment faster when you require it on the job site. It can also boost your professional image, since it will show customers and other workers how serious you are about your work.

Metal Toolboxes Brisbane are an excellent option for tradesmen as they can be able to withstand abuse and the elements. It isn’t light, so make sure you choose a model which is lighter so that you don’t add weight to your ute. Toolboxes made of plastic are a different alternative. However, they’ll be more susceptible to damage caused by scratches or chemicals.

An underbody steel toolbox creates a space behind or in front of your ute’s wheel which makes it perfect to store long tools such as copper pipes, brooms, and rakes. It’s also more discrete than a half-open toolbox or the ute canopy and blends in with the back body color of your ute so that thieves don’t even notice it. This can help you avoid the loss of valuable equipment and tools and also saves you time in cleaning your cab and tray after every journey.

Aluminium Ute Trays – the ezToolBox

ezToolBox is an Australian company that manufactures a range of aluminum canopies and trays for vehicles. Their unique designs will aid you in getting the most from your vehicle and maximize your storage space. Adding an aluminium tray to your vehicle can increase its value and enhance the appearance of your vehicle. It may even qualify for a tax write-off, dependent on the nature of your work.

The products of the company are designed to be easy of use and durability. Their service bodies are made from high-grade materials and come with a 5-year guarantee on the structural integrity. They are suitable for a range of uses, including commercial vehicle fleets, tradesmen and private individuals. Their drop-side tray bodies are designed to fit single – and dual-cab utes. It comes with robust specifications that can withstand the demands of day-to-day use.

A Ute tray gives you plenty of space to store your tools and equipment particularly when you’re driving. Ute tray can be used to store emergency equipment like cones, flares and Jacks. It can also save you time by keeping your tools in reach. You can also make more money by taking more items with you when you travel.

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