Your Lawyer Will Present Your Case In The Best Possible Light

Title IX, a federal law, prohibits colleges and universities from discriminating based on gender or sexual orientation. The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) enforces this law to protect students and prevent discrimination and sexual harassment on campus.









A skilled lawyer can guide you through the complex world of Title IX Lawyer Greenville and fight against any violation of your rights. If you’ve been charged with sexual assault or violation of school policy, you require an skilled Title IX defense lawyer to protect your rights and ensure that your rights are protected throughout the investigation and discipline process.

How a College or University can handle a Title IX Allegation

The college must investigate any student’s allegations of sexual misconduct within a reasonable period of time and decide what disciplinary action is appropriate for the person being accused. The college must also provide due process protections for both the respondent and the complainant.

These rights include the right to be completely informed about the allegations made against you, to speak with witnesses and other people and to have your case thoroughly reviewed prior to proceeding to an official hearing. Colleges should not be able to be able to retaliate against students who are accused of attempting to fight the case.

During the investigation, your attorney will collaborate with the school’s investigators in order to ensure they are following all rules and regulations that govern Title IX proceedings. They will also review the school’s procedures for investigating Title IX claims in order to determine if there is bias against you or any other issues in the investigation.

Your lawyer will present your case in the best possible light. This is usually achieved through the combination of legal arguments and persuasive speech.

The most common defense strategy is to challenge the evidence presented by the university or college. A good Title IX attorney may use evidence from the university if they have not conducted an exhaustive investigation and has not provided adequate notice of hearings.

How do you get the proof of Innocence

Collect all evidence supporting your version of the story when you are accused. The more evidence you have the greater your chance of convincing the judge that there was no sexual misconduct on your part. Schools are notorious for destroying evidence during an investigation, therefore it is crucial to collect as much information as possible.

You should also be prepared for the disciplinary process to be taken seriously and to fight for what is rightfully yours. The best way to do this is to talk to an experienced Title IX defense attorney as soon as you are notified of an accusation.

The consequences of a Title IX violation are serious. They could lead to losing your housing or academic credits or even your job at school. A good Title IX attorney can minimize the penalties and can also seek compensation in a civil lawsuit against the school or university.

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